Extended warranty service plan is AMT Service Corp's program that provides customers with the highest level of coverage. They can be set up to protect new electronic products against most, if not all, potential malfunctions or failures, including those that are not covered by the product's original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranty.

1. Allows customers to prepare for the unexpected and possibly avoid having to pay for any large, unforeseen repair bills.

 2. Convenient, efficient and stress free, it takes away anxiety consumers might have should something go wrong with their purchase.

 3. Affordable and costs a fraction of what one might typically pay for a new replacement.

 4. Saves time as customers no longer have to search for a repair company to fix their damaged merchandise.

 5. If a covered product is not repairable, it could be replaced with a new model.

 6. Consumer products have become more complex and contain more electronics than they did just 10 years ago, which makes an extended service contract even more valuable to have.

 7. As a value-added benefit, numerous service contracts provide toll-free call center support for immediate help with in-home repair and questions about covered products.

 8. Some OEM warranties offer limited protection, which can be supplemented with an extended service contract once the warranty expires.

 9. Electronic products have become more mobile over the years, which mean that they can be more susceptible to accidental damage from typical everyday use.

 10. Many service plans offer on-site repair for added convenience.

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